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Clear Aligners

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are an alternative to braces, in which patients receive nearly invisible, custom-made aligners that can be removed and replaced for eating and daily cleaning.

How do clear aligners straighten teeth?

Rather than metal brackets and wires, clear aligners are made of smooth plastic, and are designed to make small changes to the alignment of the teeth, gradually and gently moving them to the proper positions.

What are the benefits of clear aligners over traditional braces?

Clear aligners are unnoticable and comfortable to wear. They are easily removable for life's special moments, and do not require any special diet, as they can be taken out for meals. The aligners are easy to clean, and the treatment time is significantly shorter.

What is the average length of treatment?

The average length of clear aligners treatment is 6-12 months, as opposed to 24+ months with traditional braces.

What malocclusions can clear aligners treat?

Clear aligners can treat all types of malocclusions, such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, problems with the bite (overbite/underbite), and spaced teeth!

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