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Teeth Whitening

Why should I get my teeth whitened?

If you are not happy with the color of your smile for any reason, such as discoloration, staining, etc., we recommend you talk to us about our professional teeth whitening!

Why should I get my teeth whitened professionally?

Professional teeth whitening achieves more significant results in a drastically shorter amount of time, as opposed to at-home methods which can take several weeks or months of daily application, all for a less noticeable or effect.

Why can’t I just buy a teeth whitening kit from the store?

Over-the-counter whitening methods can cause tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, enamel erosion, and uneven results. We recommend that any teeth whitening be done here at Bright Valley Dental.

What professional whitening method is used at Bright Valley Dental?

We use Venus® White Ultra+​, which consists of two parts--an in-office component, and a take-home component that contains pre-filled disposable trays for ease of use.​

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